Trying To Figure It All Out

Yesterday was my 43rd Birthday. I’m not really one for celebrating birthdays, but as things go, it was ok. I spoke to some of my family on the phone and then spent the day at home, by myself, contemplating the meaning of life and all that gubbins.

I still don’t know the answer to the meaning of life. It wasn’t time for that, which is probably just as well as I don’t expect I’ll like the answer very much, so I decided to start a new blog instead.

The aim of the blog is to keep an honest record of my 43rd year. Not one of those woe is me blogs where the writer seeks out sympathy from unknown readers on the interweb, but not one of those glossy bubbly social media life’s so great blogs either.

It will try to be honest, perhaps with a bit of humour or something interesting or thought provoking to say… and I promise not to post pictures of my lunch.

Anyway, that’s the plan, so we’ll see what happens.

Thanks for reading.